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About Paul Binnie

Paul Binnie (born ) is a Scottish painter and printmaker especially known for his colour woodblock prints. He studied fine art at Edinburgh University and Edinburgh College of Art and, after taking his MA (Hons) in 1990, lived in Paris working both as a professional artist and as a teacher of art at the École du Louvre and Atelier Hourdé. Binnie moved to Tokyo in early 1993 to study printmaking and trained under principal printer of the publisher Doi on the recommendation of artist Toshi Yoshida. He moved to London in late 1998 and continued making prints as well as painting and drawing in a variety of media. He moved to San Diego in early 2019. Binnie has exhibited widely in such places as Tokyo, Paris, London and New York, and his work is in collections such as the British Museum and Metropolitan Museum of Art.


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