Paul Binnie Bamboo Hut, Kolkata

Paul Binnie “Bamboo Hut, Kolkata” artwork
Paul Binnie
Bamboo Hut, Kolkata
Series title
Oil painting on canvas
Paper dimensions (h × w)
Image dimensions (h × w)
81 × 61 cm
Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"About two weeks ago I posted the drawing for this painting, kindly posed to my direction by artist and photographer Subham in Kolkata, India. As ever with photographs, I made alterations to it to bring out the story I wanted, not least of which is the backwards position of the eye, but changing colors and interior details of the hut too. I finished and signed it yesterday and I can admit that the basketweave walls alone took three days! It’s quite a large canvas at 32x24”, 81x61cm, and keeping a painterly approach over a two-week stint has been a fun challenge!" June 2020
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