Paul Binnie Black Storm

Paul Binnie “Black Storm” artwork
Kokuran shows an old windmill in a marshy grassland landscape, about to be engulfed in a heavy rainstorm, and the deep black cloud of the upper area was printed three times with concentrated sumi (charcoal ink) to make a dense velvety black, against which stripes of silver rain stand out. Sharp eyed viewers might notice the lower rain just above the horizon is printed in two colours, blue-grey and blackish purple, to give more depth to the distance. The farthest heavy rain on the left is printed with baren sujizuri (printing with the edge of the baren to create lines), so each print is slightly different.
Paul Binnie
Paul Binnie
Black Storm
Japanese title
Kokuran 黒嵐
Series title
Reduction woodblock print on paper
Paper dimensions (h × w)
64.6 × 31.4 cm
Image dimensions (h × w)
Edition size
Artist's proofs
Landscapes (Fūkei-ga 風景画)
Wicken Fenn near Cambridge, England
Catalogue number
161 (L184)
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