Paul Binnie Cowboy Games

Paul Binnie “Cowboy Games” artwork
Paul Binnie
Cowboy Games
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Ink, watercolour and gouache on paper
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Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"A tale of the Old West, as told by Bob Mizer in the 1950s and retold by me thirty years later. Many of you will know about my long-time fascination with Physique/Beefcake, the muscular farmboys and gas-station attendants of Post-War America who built their bodies and posed oily and barely covered for frequently-persecuted photographers. Bob Mizer’s Athletic Model Guild, Bruce of LA, Douglas of Detroit, Lon of New York, Kovert of Hollywood... a sudden explosion of gay men taking photos of other gay men fascinated teenage me, and I frequently lifted images with as much campy sexiness as possible for my own work. This one was made in my last year at art school in cold, gray Edinburgh, a city as far from mid-century LA shenanigans as can be imagined!" Binnie, July 2023
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