Paul Binnie
Evening Sun

Paul Binnie “Evening Sun” main image
Paul Binnie
Evening Sun
Series title
Oil painting on canvas
Paper dimensions (h × w)
Image dimensions (h × w)
Black's Beach
Landscapes (Fūkei-ga 風景画)
Men (Binan-ga 美男画)
"I’m pleased to announce the completion of the 3rd oil painting in my Black’s Beach series, ‘Evening Sun’, showing a muscular young man on the beach after swimming in the Pacific Ocean. As with the others in this series, I haven’t censored it here, and my deep gratitude and many thanks are due to my beautiful model Shawnn Brooks who is a dear friend as well as a stunning subject. He has recently begun an Onlyfans account and if you haven’t seen it, whyever not? I wanted to maintain a fairly direct approach here as with the others in this series and the very impressionistic lilac, pink and orange clouds, the teal ocean and super-painterly sand were so much fun to create, but the monumental figure of the model is the real point of this painting. I definitely enjoyed the light on those amazing asymmetrical abs!" Binnie, September 15, 2020
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