Paul Binnie Josephine Baker

Paul Binnie “Josephine Baker” artwork
Paul Binnie
Josephine Baker
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Graphite drawing on paper
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"Let’s throw back 30 years, to a wee Scottish laddie living in Paris and being inspired by one of the greatest foreigners-in-Paris, Miss Josephine Baker (1906-1975). Born in the US, Josephine Baker relocated to Paris in 1925 to escape the racial segregation of her own country and to pursue her performing career. She caused a sensation in 1920s France by dancing and singing almost nude with a banana skirt, or as here in ostrich feathers. She was bisexual, took French citizenship, married 4 times and during the Second World War worked covertly for the French Resistance against the occupying Nazi army. In later life she adopted 12 children of many ethnicities whom she called her Rainbow Tribe. I often say I don’t work from photos, but a portrait of this great woman was always going to be an exception." Binnie, Sep 6, 2021
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