Paul Binnie King Lear, Act II Scene IV

Paul Binnie “King Lear, Act II Scene IV” artwork
Paul Binnie
King Lear, Act II Scene IV
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King Lear
Oil painting on canvas
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And now for something completely different as Monty Python would say… I’ve had a collector staying with me so I pulled out a number of things from the past, which I’ll post from time to time in the next few weeks. Back in 1999 and 2000 I was Artist-In-Residence at the Royal Shakespeare Company in London for their production of King Lear starring Sir Nigel Hawthorne as Lear, the Japanese megastar Hiroyuki Sanada as the Fool and an excellent all-star cast, several of whom are seen here. The director was the innovative Yukio Ninagawa with a Japanese design team, and I was brought in because of my Kabuki and Noh experience. This was Sir Nigel’s last stage performance, he died in 2001, and he brought a subtle and nuanced depth to the role that more bombastic actors tend to lose." Binnie, September 8, 2021
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