Paul Binnie La Falda Roja (The Red Skirt)

Paul Binnie “La Falda Roja (The Red Skirt)” artwork
Paul Binnie
La Falda Roja (The Red Skirt)
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Oil painting on canvas
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Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"This is the final, completed painting, of my dear friend and handsome regular model Johnny. The concept behind this was entirely Johnny’s suggestion and I don’t know how many times he danced the same turn and flick of the enormous double-circle practice skirt - used by female dancers in Folklorico Mexican traditional dance. I wanted to give a sense of space and grandeur with a suggested palatial background of large gilt-framed paintings, some reflecting the light of large windows on their glossy varnish, and I completed the feet lit by the two light sources, one blueish to suggest daylight, the other warm to feel like a spotlight." Binnie, October 2022.
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