Paul Binnie Lugano

Paul Binnie “Lugano” artwork
Lugano is a town on the shores of Lake Lugano in southern Switzerland, not far from the Italian border and Milan, and was depicted in 1925 by Yoshida Hiroshi in his Europe series. Paul Binnie has decided to make a print of it to add to his Meishou to no Tabi (Travels with the Master) series in which he revisits places Yoshida depicted and makes his own impression of the place. It is the 7th design in the series: Cloud Shadows, Grand Canyon, Acropolis- Night, Hydra, New York Sunset, New York Night and Niagara Falls are the earlier prints. Yoshida apparently sat on the terrace in front of the cathedral of San Lorenzo, a Lombardy Renaissance edifice, and looked over the town towards the town hall, which appears as the second pink-roofed building from the right against the lake in his print and is yellow in Binnie’s print. He was so impressed by the beautiful bell tower of this cathedral that he included it in his print. A couple of buildings that border the lake in Yoshida’s print are also still there and appear in Paul’s too, and the distant view over to the town on the other side of the lake is unchanged, though due to his vertical format he was able to show the whole mountain behind as a backdrop.
Paul Binnie's announcement
Paul Binnie
Japanese title
Lugano machi ルガノ町
Series title
Travels with the Master
Japanese series title
Meishō to no tabi 名匠との旅
Colour woodblock print on paper
Paper dimensions (h × w)
42.5 × 30 cm
Image dimensions (h × w)
Edition size
Artist's proofs
Landscapes (Fūkei-ga 風景画)
Based on Hiroshi Yoshida's Lugano, 1925. Binnie's version included the bell tower of Saint Lawrence.
Catalogue number
134 (L125)
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