Paul Binnie A Scribble of Narikomaya

Paul Binnie “A Scribble of Narikomaya” artwork
Narikomaya no Mudagaki (A Scribble of Narikomaya/Shikan Scribble) is a caricature of Living National Treasure Nakamura Shikan, whose yago or house-name is Narikomaya. This yago is the name that members of the audience will call in appreciation when Shikan performs well on stage, and here he is seen in the typical purple robes of a samurai wife. This print was made first as a demonstration piece for my retrospective exhibition in Kyoto in [November] , where I showed printmaking techniques, and for that reason it combines both woodblock and kappazuri stencil printing. It is in shikishiban format, 27 x 24 cm, and the edition size is 35.
Paul Binnie,
Paul Binnie
A Scribble of Narikomaya
Japanese title
Narikomaya no mudagaki 成駒屋のむだ書
Series title
Colour woodblock and kappazuri stencil print on paper
Paper dimensions (h × w)
27.7 × 23.9 cm
Image dimensions (h × w)
Edition size
Artist's proofs
Kabuki actors (Yakusha-e 役者絵)
Nakamura Shikan VIII
Catalogue number
106 (L263)
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