Paul Binnie
Steps at Black's Beach: Sunset

Paul Binnie “Steps at Black's Beach: Sunset” main image
Paul Binnie
Steps at Black's Beach: Sunset
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Colour woodblock print on paper
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Landscapes (Fūkei-ga 風景画)
Black's Beach, near San Diego
"This and the Moonlight color scheme of the same design are now complete and drying, and will be commercially available from the end of March. This was a very complex print with both versions requiring almost 30 printings to get the variety of colors and tones, plus there’s a lot of bokashi hand shading as well as special printing techniques to achieve the atmosphere of the place. I love these ramshackle, casual steps, they were my first introduction to Black’s Beach." March 4, 2020
Catalogue number
176 (L440)
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