Paul Binnie Striped Blanket

Paul Binnie “Striped Blanket” artwork
Paul Binnie
Striped Blanket
Series title
Oil painting on canvas
Paper dimensions (h × w)
Image dimensions (h × w)
66 × 96 cm
Black's Beach
Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"As I mentioned recently when I posted the Work In Progress of this large piece, it had been ‘on hold’ since Covid began, but I’m glad to have been able to finally complete it the other day. I think the teal and ochre color scheme worked out rather well and I hope Yves likes the render of his arm tattoo as well as his handsome face. All of the Black’s Beach oils are the same size, 26x38 inches, 66x96cm, either vertical or horizontal, and that format allows a standing figure or a long horizon very comfortably. Here, the high Pacific at the top with waves breaking on the sand give a sense of scale, and the ‘white’ of the blanket is several shades away from pure white, mixed with teal and ochre to reflect the colors of the rest of the painting. In fact, the only pure white is in the diamond earring, making a nice accent against the shadow of the head." Binnie, August 2022.
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