Paul Binnie Portrait of Teddy Crispin

Paul Binnie “Portrait of Teddy Crispin” artwork
Paul Binnie
Portrait of Teddy Crispin
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Oil painting on canvas
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"I was recently contacted out of the blue by an old friend from my Paris days, Teddy, who now lives in Frankfurt, Germany, asking if I still had the portrait I painted of him over thirty years ago. I went rummaging in my storage and I found it, and incidentally a group of other oils from Paris which I’ve never posted here, so I’ll be putting them up from time to time just to show what I was doing thirty years ago. While I’d certainly paint this differently nowadays, I think it was a good portrait in the style of that time, and it reminds me of Teddy as I knew him - and it seems to have stuck in his mind for thirty years too!" Binnie, 2022
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