Paul Binnie The Duchesse d'Ernière, The Bearded Lady

Paul Binnie “The Duchesse d'Ernière, The Bearded Lady” artwork
Paul Binnie
The Duchesse d'Ernière, The Bearded Lady
Series title
Naked Sideshow
Oil painting on canvas
Paper dimensions (h × w)
Image dimensions (h × w)
127 × 66 cm
Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"Many thanks to my beautiful model Paul who kindly came by the studio today to allow me to finish off of this, the 5th painting in the Sideshow series. This is the first character who isn't nude, and the wonderful lace and duchess satin gown inspired the name, as well as Robert Browning's poem, My Last Duchess, a favorite of Paul's. This is the largest in the series and was made taller and slightly wider than the others, so the figure is almost life size, and the gilded armchair has been a studio prop of mine since 1998." Binnie, September 27, 2021
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