Paul Binnie
A Turquoise Room, Kolkata

Paul Binnie “A Turquoise Room, Kolkata” main image
Paul Binnie
A Turquoise Room, Kolkata
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Oil painting on canvas
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Handsome Men (Bidanshi 美男子)
"I’m pleased to announce that this painting, which I’ve posted a couple of times as a work in progress, is now finished. I post the complete painting here with details especially of those parts most recently completed like the checked tablecloth, the floral bedspread and the little still life of a woven-newspaper plantpot cover, white shell and crocheted doily on the side table. What first struck me about this room was the wonderful feeling of colorfully disparate objects against a strongly toned wall, and while I’ve changed certain details, I hope I’ve kept that unique atmosphere."
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Paul Binnie “A Turquoise Room, Kolkata” Work in Progress 1 thumbnailWork in Progress 1
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